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Hi. I'm Brian.


I grew up on Long Island, New York, but please don't hold that against me. In 2000, I left home to attend college at SUNY New Paltz, a small liberal arts college slowly fermenting in the shadow of the great Shawangunk Ridge. There, I studied literature and figured out where to stick a comma.


Eleven years after arriving in the Hudson Valley, I packed up my car once more and drove to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I currently live with my lovely wife, Teréz, and our son, Henry. These days I'm the special projects manager for a company called Static Media, so if you've ever lost an entire afternoon wasting time on the internet, it's probably at least partially my fault.

Over the years, I've been a teacher, a tutor, a newspaper reporter, a video game news-writer, a YouTube scripter, an art critic, a theater reviewer, a zydeco-punk drummer, a "content producer," a public-relator, a truck driver, a schlepper, a sports collectibles blogger, a technical writer, a playwright, and probably a few other things I can't remember.

My first novel, Dim Stars, is a science-fiction, YA comedy. You can learn more about it here, read a preview here, or skip all that and just buy it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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